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Nintendo Shuts Down Fan-Made ROM Hack Pokémon Prism

Nintendo continues to pursue punitive efforts against anyone using their assets without permission, as they have now issued a Cease and Desist order against the creator of ROM Hack Pokémon…

Nintendo GameJolt DMCA Preview

[Updated] Nintendo DMCAs Game Jolt, Takes Down 500+ Fangames

UPDATE: Nintendo may have had reasons beyond pure IP protection for issuing this DMCA strike against Game Jolt. Looking into the issue, it seems that developers on Game Jolt get 30%…

Another Metroid 2 Remake Header

Another Metroid 2 Remake Impressions – No Objections

Despite being one of Nintendo’s most beloved and iconic characters, Samus Aran seems to have been getting the cold shoulder from the Big N. From the lackluster Metroid: Other M to the…


Indiegogo launched for Starcraft II mod Starcrafts

Iconic real-time strategy game Starcraft II has its own Saturday morning cartoon of sorts, StarCrafts.  YouTube channel CarbotAnimations produces the fan series, which offers farcical animated sketches of events in…

Screenshot 76

Unofficial fan project ‘Mother 4’ gameplay trailer released

The fan made game Mother 4 received its first gameplay trailer yesterday. Whilst the project has been around for a while, progress on the project has been relatively silent with…