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[UPDATED] Fan Made Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Releasing on Tuesday

Update: Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen has tweeted out a call to the developers of Antibirth offering them access to tools to get the expansion better integrated with Afterbith and the upcoming Afterbith+.…

Copyright Law

How to Make a Fan Game & Avoid a DMCA Takedown

The Pokémon Uranium fan game has stopped all development for reasons unknown. It is the latest in a long line of fan-made games of popular properties that found itself it legal hot…

Nintendo GameJolt DMCA Preview

[Updated] Nintendo DMCAs Game Jolt, Takes Down 500+ Fangames

UPDATE: Nintendo may have had reasons beyond pure IP protection for issuing this DMCA strike against Game Jolt. Looking into the issue, it seems that developers on Game Jolt get 30%…

Pokemon Uranium Logo

Pokemon Uranium Official Hosting Taken Down

We reported earlier today on the launch of the highly anticipated fan game Pokemon Uranium, but we’re now sad to have to report that it is joining the ranks of AM2R, with…