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The Year of Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy III

Remember the beginning of the 90s? They were a great time, and at the start of the decade Americans received a gift from Japan. Final Fantasy made its way overseas…

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The Year of Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy II

After the staggering success of Final Fantasy, Squaresoft tasked creator Hironobu Sakaguchi with developing a sequel. A second last tale from Square– okay look, it’s Final Fantasy II. No more…

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Gaming Obscura: Mr. Gimmick

Mr. Gimmick is a game as impressive as it is rare. It was only released in Japan and Scandinavia for some reason, in very limited quantities. There was originally a…

NES Famicom Visual Compendium Kickstarter

Nintendo DMCAs NES Visual Compendium Kickstarter

Nintendo has shut down a Kickstarter for a project which was making a compendium book of NES/Famicom-era art as reported by Game Informer. The Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom: a visual compendium Kickstarter…