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sunless skies exploration

Sunless Skies Encourages Exploration with the Exploration Update

Sunless Skies, the latest release from Failbetter Games and the semi-sequel to Sunless Sea, released its latest update on January 31st entitled Exploration. Incorporating much of the work from the…

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Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies is Failbetter Games’ latest addition to their cult-hit Fallen London universe and the sequel to the previous entry, Sunless Seas. Taking place in a Lovecraftian and steampunk space…

Sunless Skies Preview Header

Sunless Skies Preview – On Its Way to Brighter Prospects

Ahhh, Early Access. The time when a game is booted out of the developer’s nest whether it’s ready or not. A time where a game will either be cannibalized by…

Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Early Access Release Coming August 30

Developer Failbetter Games has announced that their sequel to Sunless Sea will be taking off soon enough. Kickstarted in February this year, Sunless Skies takes the ideas of Sunless Sea to space and beyond…

Alexis Kennedy

Alexis Kennedy, Writer of Sunless Sea, Joins BioWare

Alexis Kennedy, the co-founder of the indie studio Failbetter Games, is officially joining the BioWare team. Kennedy is not only the founder of Failbetter Games, but also a games writer,…