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Faeria Review – To the Oversky and Beyond

Nowadays, digital CCGs are everywhere. The enormous success of Hearthstone opened the gates to countless card games to flood the market. In such a crowded genre, games that go the…

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Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Faeria’s first expansion, releases today

Among the countless digital card games around, Faeria is among the ones that manage to distinguish itself, creating its own identity. It’s been 5 months since the official release of…

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[Ended] Raptor Giveaway – Faeria Battle Chests (20 Sets of 4)

It’s the last day of one of what will almost certainly be remembered as a great month in video games. From Zelda and Horizon to Thimbleweed Park and Snipperclips, there has been a little something…


Faeria’s First Expansion, Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Announced, Bringing Co-Op

Faeria hit Steam only a few days ago, but the developers already are looking at the future of this interesting Collectible Card Game. Abrakam announced the first expansion to be…