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steam logo

[Updated] Warning: Steam has a Maliciously Used Profile Exploit

[UPDATE] An update from the same user, just 7 hours after the original post, has now confirmed that the issue has been resolved and posted full details of the exploit. Viewing profile…

Metal Gear online header

Metal Gear Online PC Beta Pulled Amid Exploit

In another failed launch for Metal Gear Solid V, the PC Beta for Metal Gear: Online is offline after only about 12 hours, after an exploit was found in the…

iOS 9

Exploit Allows Contact and Phone access via a locked iPhone in iOS 9.0.1

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.0.1, released earlier this week. But, there’s already an exploit has been found allowing access to photos and more without the unlock code. This is…

Ironfall Invasion Homebrew

Nintendo removes Ironfall: Invasion from the eShop due to homebrew exploit

Ironfall: Invasion is a not exactly widely known shooter that was available to be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop. I say “was” because Nintendo decided to remove it…

WordPress 4.2

WordPress exploit leaves millions of websites open to hacking

Two new exploits have been discovered in the WordPress content management system allowing potential hackers to take control of websites that use this service. This exploit allows the attacker to…

Pikachu Vitual Console

3DS Virtual Console exploit allows you to play pirated Gameboy Color game

A new exploit was found recently that shows that Nintendo may be holding back support of Gameboy Color games for the Virtual Console on the 3DS. The Virtual Console is…