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biomutant rising planet

Biomutant Gameplay Premiere Teaser Shows Off The Strange Setting

Biomutant, an upcoming game by THQ Nordic & Experiment 101, has released a gameplay teaser trailer that shows off some of the setting & gameplay. In Biomutant, players can change their…

BioMutant Key Art

THQ Nordic Grows By Acquiring Biomutant Developer and IP

THQ Nordic has announced on November 17th that they have purchased Experiment 101, the developers behind the upcoming action RPG game Biomutant. Experiment 101 is a new developer based in…

biomutant screenshot 17

Biomutant Narration Slider Only Affects Dynamic Commentary

Developer Experiment 101 recently clarified that turning down the narration slider in Biomutant will not forego story-important narrations and context. When Biomutant had its gameplay debut at Gamescom 2017, a…

BioMutant Key Art


Biomutant, being developed by indie team Experiment 101, is described as an “open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu RPG” that is set in a completely free-form, open world that includes decaying wildlands, a vast…

BioMutant Key Art

Biomutant Officially Announced by THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic has officially announced their new RPG, Biomutant. The game, being developed by indie team Experiment 101, Biomutant is described as an “open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu RPG” that is set…

Biomutant Leak Header

Biomutant, an Open World Action RPG Published by THQ Nordic, Leaked Early

While it’s always best for a game to get announced at its official announcement, sometimes someone pulls the trigger a little early. Such is the case with Biomutant, an upcoming…