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Demon Gaze II

The sequel to 2013’s Demon Gaze, Demon Gaze II is a colorful dungeon-crawling JRPG from the veteran team at Experience, Inc. Demon Gaze II follows the exploits of the “Demon Gazer,” as he unites…

demon gaze 2 review header

Demon Gaze II Review – If You Gaze Into the Abyss

Just over a year removed from its original Japanese release, Demon Gaze II has made its way to our shores. Combining colorful, anime-inspired visuals with a whole lot of dungeon crawling, Demon…

Operation Babel Header

Operation Babel Coming West, Operation Abyss to PC in 2017

NIS America has announced some news regarding western releases of two of Experience’s Dungeon RPGs with Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, and Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, and the state of that series…

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review – Schoolgirl High

Sometimes there are games that simply speak to you on a truly intimate level. Some will suck you in with a compelling narrative or truly unique mechanic and then hours of…


NIS America Bringing Stranger of Sword City to PC Soon

NIS America has announced today that the Experience Inc. Dungeon RPG Stranger of Sword City will be coming to PC in the west, in addition to the already released Xbox…

Stranger of Sword City Riu Tsukisada

Dungeon Crawler Stranger of Sword City Set for US Release

Many of us remember a certain show called Lost, headed by one J.J. Abrams, or at least the elevator pitch: an airliner went down somewhere in the middle of the ocean,…