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Expeditions: Viking Preview – Exploring New Territory

In 2012, a new studio launched a Kickstarter to create their first full PC game, called Expeditions: Conquistador. It was a year when Kickstarter came into focus as a means…

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Expeditions: Viking Delayed to 2017

Logic Artists, creators of Expeditions: Conquistador and Clandestine, have announced that their upcoming entry in the Expedition series, Expeditions: Viking, is being delayed to Q1 2017. While there is no firm release date, they are…

expeditions viking raid

Expeditions: Viking – Interviewing the Chieftain

Expeditions: Conquistador blended roleplaying and turn-based strategy to bring to life 16th century Mexico. Players trekked through lush spider-infested jungles with a dozen hardy companions (each more racist than the last)…


Expedition: Viking’s Announced – a Trip to the Past

Logic Artists announced in a press release this morning that Expeditions: Viking, their second installment in the Expeditions series, is now in development. There is no mention of when the game will be…