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Wizards of the Coast oped

Wizards of the Coast Talks Magic: The Gathering Streaming

Back in November, Wizards of the Coast made an announcement that┬ábeginning in 2017, all streaming of Magic: The Gathering events would be exclusively streamed on Twitch as part of a…

NintendoSwitch hardware2.0

Nintendo Switch Will Have a Hands-On Event Jan. 13

People are going to be able to try the Nintendo Switch much sooner than expected. The company announced today that the Nintendo Switch will be playable on January 13, 2017.…

Gamers Rhapsody Logo 1

Gamer’s Rhapsody aims to celebrate games and their music (and we’ll be there)

Awesome music makes for awesome games. It’s an aspect of video game critique as a whole I feel doesn’t get enough attention. How a video game sounds and how that…