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EVE Online’s Free-To-Play Option Coming November 15

For many of us EVE Online is as impenetrable as the nation’s tax policies and, in some cases, twice as hard. While the game never broke any sales records, it did manage…

EVE Online Mining

EVE Online is Introducing a Free-To-Play Option

EVE Online, the popular spacefaring MMORPG by Icelandic based CCP, is going to be implementing a Free-To-Play option according to a dev blog posted on the game’s official website. The…


PC Gamers Take Note: Cheapest Doom in Summer Sale Galore

Didn’t pick up a title at all during Steam Store’s recent Summer Sale? Well, you now have even more temptations as multiple digital retailers are launching their respective PC games…

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Humble Bundle Subscribes to E3

E3 is currently out and in full force, and Humble Bundle has found a way to join in the celebration. They have introduced the Humble E3 2016 Digital Ticket Bundle,…

Elite Dangerous

The Great Wild Yonder

Ever since I was a little kid wistfully looking up at the stars, I’ve always longed for a chance of going up there myself to see the universe a bit…