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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Impressions – Killed by Death

When we reviewed Victor Vran back in 2015, it was already known that Haemimont Games weren’t finished with their creation. Fast forward a couple of years and Victor has now made…

the dwarves 1920x1080 4k 2984

The Dwarves Review – Sobering Up

It’s hard to describe how incredible it felt when I discovered that the first book of The Dwarves – part of one of my favorite book series ever – would…

the dwarves 1920x1080 4k 2984

The Dwarves Impressions – Guarding the Girdle

Let’s face it: A fantasy novel adaption to any media platform is a tricky business. Even those who mean well usually fail and those who succeed are celebrated, which is…

the dwarves 1920x1080 4k 2984

The Dwarves to Receive Massive Day One Patch On Consoles

While a lot of PC releases have been recently released with a lot of bugs, it seems that the situation has been reversed – at least when one regards The Dwarves console…