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Entwined Review

For years to come, Entwined will probably be remembered as that small game that turned up at Sony’s 2014 E3 show. The one that was announced and released at exactly…

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IMO: E3 2014 Sony – Games, Games, Games

The games that Sony presented at their conference was seemingly endless. With that said, while at E3 2014 Sony showed a large volume, but none were real showstoppers. Sure, there…

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Sony Press Conference Recap

Sony’s press conference was certainly ambitious this year! Andrew House’s quote “I’m not done yet” perfectly sums up the presentation. Sony out did themselves. Destiny [Article] We began the conference…

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E3 2014 – Entwined

Entwined is an artsy game from Sony. Its a dual stick game where you control two characters. With the story being you bringing the two characters together over the course…