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Endless Legend Articles

Make War Not Love 4 SEGA Banner 1

SEGA’s Make War Not Love 4 Giving Free DLC to Fans

Strategy fans looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day antidote are in luck this week as SEGA’s Make War Not Love 4: The Aftermath offers the opportunity to watch the communities…

Endless Legend Guardians

Endless Legend’s expansion “Guardians” released today

Guardians is the first expansion pack for Endless Legend, one of the most interesting strategy games of 2014. Amplitude Studios just released the pack on Steam as well as a content…

Endless Legends

Endless Legend – Visions of the Unseen

In addition to its Endless Space add-on that is coming out next week, Amplitude Studios has announced that its Fantasy 4x Endless Legend will be getting its second free add-on,…

Endless Legends

Endless Legend Shades of Alteration Add-on

Amplitude Studios has continued its work on updating Endless Legend, as it has now released a new patch in time for Halloween as part of their post-release plan. Amplitude has…