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Yahoo Disables Automatic Email Forwarding After Negative Press

Some users have decided to ditch Yahoo’s email service following a couple of negative stories. In late September, it was revealed that 500 million Yahoo accounts were breached, giving hackers…

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House Passes Bill Requiring Warrant to Search Email

In a surprising step in favor of privacy, the United States House of Representatives unanimously passed the Email Privacy Act, which requires law enforcement to get a search warrant to…

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Risky: Work email on your personal device

Keeping your work email on your personal smartphone can be risky for you. E-Mail is the backbone of almost every business these days, allowing for instantaneous communication around the world. Many…

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Change Receive Limits in Exchange 2007 and 2010

Do you need to change your sending and receiving limits in Exchange 2007 or 2010? There are two steps to edit either (or both) of the receive or send connectors…

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Blackberry is unable to delete messages that were deleted in outlook. (BES)

If you have a Blackberry that is connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server, and you are having an issue with emails between the mailbox and device being deleted, there are…

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Outlook Express Messages Stay in Outbox

If you are still using Outlook Express, and are sending an email that stays in your mailbox no matter how many times you hit “Send/Receive” there is a very easy…