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Education with Games

There’s always combinations that appear to be the worst idea ever. Fish and chocolate, cigarettes and gasoline, curiosity and lack of caution, and education and video games. Actually, maybe that…

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Coding For Education (Computer Science As A Second Language)

Coding is becoming a more important aspect of our lives the further and further we come. Kids today are playing with different devices right out of the womb. With the…

PSP Education Games

Videogames & Education: Endless Possibility

Digital gaming and education have very few memorable titles,“Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” and “Oregon Trail,” the Pioneers of “gaming” in the classroom and the most memorable educational games for the…

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Education Can’t [email protected] IT!

At one point or another in our lives we embark on an educational journey, whether it’s because we have to, want to, or need to. We hope that this journey…

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Udacity aims to help students through new partnerships

I’ve been following (and even taking a few classes from) Udacity since they started in early 2012. For those who don’t know what Udacity is, it is an online for-profit…