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EA Needs To Show Us Something We Don’t Already Know to Win E3 2017

The force will be strong with Electronic Arts at E3 this year—expect there to be major showcase of their Star Wars license. EA is very easy to predict in this… kc OcOduEx0

Need For Speed Payback Title and Release Date Reveal

Back in early May, we got our first hints of a new Need for Speed title that would arrive by the end of 2017. This morning the full reveal of…

marco reus fifa 17

FIFA 17 Community Enraged After Data Mine Finds “Rubber Banding”

Diligent data miners have uncovered evidence of a “rubber banding” mechanic hidden in the game code for FIFA 17. The evidence, uncovered thanks to the efforts of users over at /r/FIFA,…


Battlefield 1: New Updates, Tweaks, and Events Incoming

EA announced on Thursday through a post on the Battlefield website that they plan to continue to support Battlefield 1 for the foreseeable future, and they proceeded to lay out some…

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 Review – What Is Love

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out on November 10, 2009. The team that defined the modern FPS as we know it disbanded the following year due to a falling…

battlefield 1

Battlefield 1’s Open Beta requires Xbox Live Gold, but not Playstation Plus

Battlefield Insider subscriber early access invite codes for the Battlefield 1 Open Beta flew into inboxes this morning – a day ahead of the official launch date of August 31st.…

E3 2016 EA Preview Image

Predicting E3 2016: EA

E3 2016 conferences are less than a week away, and the Internet is already buzzing with all kinds of news. Trailers will be shown, new titles will be announced, and…

Dragon Age Inquisition Black Emporium

BioWare Releases Patch 5 for Inquisition, Party Storage in

The latest update for Dragon Age: Inquisition has finally been released to the public. Patch 5 (1.06) will be implementing some long requested improvements to Inquisition. Some of these improvements were touted…