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Duke Nukem Forever Articles

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Humble Bundle 2K Headlined by Battleborn

It’s Humble Bundle time again, and this week they’re revisiting a major publisher. Humble 2K Bundle 2 offers up 8 games, including one very recently released one. The first tier…

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PlayStation Now gets 50 More Games Led by 2K

Sony’s PlayStation Now service allows users to stream PlayStation 3 games to a variety of platforms, including both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Now it seems 50 new games…

Duke Nukem

Most Disappointing Games of Gen 7: Duke Nukem Forever

Hail to the King, Baby! Or at least we were supposed to. Duke Nukem Forever is one of the most infamous titles in the history of the gaming industry, and…

Duke Nukem Forever

First Person Saturday – Duke Nukem Forever

There are plenty of games out there that are bad. However, very few are actually legendary for being bad. Superman 64, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, E.T. for the Atari. Somehow, Duke Nukem…