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This Week in Kickstarter – Animal Rave Masks

A light up music mask, a tabletop wrestling game, and a device to let blind people see through sound. All that and more This Week in Kickstarter! Refuge Two players,…

Doko Roko

This Week in Kickstarter – Modern Anime Ninjas

This Week in Kickstarter…   Shinobigami – Modern Ninja Battle Tabletop RPG from Japan An original Japanese story-focused tabletop RPG of drama, action, tactics and frenemies, set in a modern ninja…

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This Week in Kickstarter – Call A Tree, Seriously

This Week in Kickstarter we’ve got laser powered razors, the return of the BattleTech series, and a card game by Hank Green. BATTLETECH Turn-based tactical ‘Mech combat. From the creators…

Boeing Logo

Boeing Demonstrates Compact Anti-Drone Laser

In order to deal with the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles, Boeing has developed a new high-powered laser that can take them out of the sky. This is not Boeing’s first…

drone controller

[Exclusive Details!] Drone Game Controller creator talks with TechRaptor

Those of you that keep an eye on mobile gaming or Kickstarter in general probably know we’re a little late to the game when it comes to posting about the Drone…