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Anders Dragon Age 2 Screenshot 1920 x 1080

Character Select: Justifying the Means – Anders

When one thinks of the current events that plague us today, it is hard not to get political. The world over has seen divisive rhetoric regarding politics, identity, religion, and…

June Games with Gold

Xbox Games With Gold June 2017 – Hackers and Grey Wardens

Microsoft has announced the titles for the June Games With Gold Instant Game Collection as we near the end of May and approach gaming’s grand convention. As always, there are four…


FIFA 17 and More Coming to EA/Origin Access

Electronic Arts have announced a new batch of games coming to EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC. While both services is getting differing new games, there…

ea gog header

EA Releases 3 of Their Titles on GOG

In a rather surprising show of events, EA has released Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, and SimCity 3000 on GOG. Besides bringing all 3 of these titles to the DRM-free…

dragon age origins free

Get Dragon Age: Origins Free on Origin

Through Origin’s On The House program, you can get Dragon Age: Origins free until October 14th! That is less than a week away and if you download it now to…