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Songbringer Review Header

Songbringer Review – Shirtless Odyssey

When one-man developer Wizard Fu (otherwise known as Nathanael Weiss) brought Songbringer to Kickstarter in 2015, it was with the aim of creating a modern twist on classic 16-bit era…

Super Cloudbuilt Heading

Super Cloudbuilt

In this rerelease of a popular 2014 platformer you’ll take the role of Demi, a woman trapped in a coma and trying to wake up. Super Cloudbuilt has you preforming…

Super Cloudbuilt Review Header

Super Cloudbuilt Review – Hop, Skip, and a Jump

The original Cloudbuilt released in 2014 to positive reviews, providing a fun speedrunning platformer that had you juggling shooting mechanics while running on walls and making giant leaps. We’re now getting…

goat simulator full cover

Goat Simulator

In this game, you play as a goat. Go make new friends and destroy your enemies, as a goat. Explore a vast world or ignore everything and stare at a…