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steam valve christmas dos

Steam Comes Clean About Christmas Store Issue

Valve and Steam have both been a pretty big topic in the news over the past few weeks, and the news hasn’t been all that great. If you were online…

retro city rampage DOS

Retro City Rampage Releases on MS-DOS

The 80s, when studly mullets flowed wild and untamed, wise-cracking robots complimented women on their software, and hand-drawn assailants advanced menacingly with pipe wrenches through the magic of rotoscoping. Mankind…

DOS Commands Part 2

Useful Windows DOS commands you should know – Part 2

Welcome back to Tech Raptor, and to part 2 of our two part series on useful DOS/CMD commands that everyone should know! Today, we’ll be sharing six more useful commands…

DOS Commands Part 11

Useful Windows DOS commands you should know – Part 1

In today’s computing world, everything is done using a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is perfectly fine. But there are a few instances when knowing a few simple DOS/Command Prompt…