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FBI May Have Found a Way to Break Into iPhone Without Apple’s Help

The first hearing in the legal battle between Apple and the FBI was scheduled for tomorrow, but the government has unexpectedly asked the judge to postpone the hearing. The reason?…

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Apple Files Latest Brief in Response to DOJ

Apple has filed its latest brief in its ongoing legal battle against the FBI. This one is in direct response to a brief recently field by the Department of Justice.…

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DOJ States it May Demand Source Code from Apple

In a move considered by some to be an escalation of the fight between the Department of Justice and Apple, the DOJ has stated that it may ask Apple to…

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Report: WhatsApp May Be DOJ’s Next Target after Apple

While the legal battle over encryption between Apple and the FBI is still in progress, the Department of Justice may already have its next target in mind. The New York Times reports…

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DOJ Lawyers Concerned that DEA Wiretapping Operation May Not Be Legal

Lawyers within the Department of Justice are growing concerned that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s largest wiretapping operation may be on shaky legal ground. The operation has led to hundreds of…

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DOJ Sides with Oracle Against Google in Major Copyright Case

The Department of Justice recently filed an amicus brief advising the Supreme Court not to hear an appeal by Google in a major copyright case. The case originated when Oracle…