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Turok Re Mastered

Turok, Dinosaur Hunter, Returns Re-Mastered This Thursday

Night Dive Studios, a company that specializes in restoring classic PC titles such as System Shock, made the announcement in August that Turok and Turok 2 would be digitally re-mastered by…

Techweek Digitizing Dinosaurs

Techweek 2015 – Digitizing the educational experience

Museums have always been a long-standing part of showcasing history, science, and more. But as the world changes, and technology becomes so integrated with our daily lives, what can museums…

JumpJet Rex Time

JumpJet Rex Review – TechRaptor’s Jealous of Those Boots

Even though I’m a first impressions guy usually, and attempt to cover a variety of games, once in a while I do actually complete a game on my list and…

TechRaptor is 1

TechRaptor is 1! Our year in review

Wow! it has been a crazy, fast, and exciting year for TechRaptor. March 18th, we started out as a blog dedicated to tech fixes, with a spattering of gaming and…