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wax robot cache

Brian Fargo’s Robot Cache Teams Up With WAX Token

Brian Fargo is launching a decentralized digital distribution platform to compete with Steam. The platform is called Robot Cache, who announced via press release that they are teaming up with…

robot cache logo

Brian Fargo Is Revolutionizing Digital Distribution With Robot Cache

The future of gaming digital distribution is here! At least that’s what new service Robot Cache would have you believe. Founded by Brian Fargo (responsible for Interplay, inXile, and Fig),…

Nice Steam Splash

Valve Tightens The Noose on Steam’s “Fake Games”

2017 has been a year of change for Valve. From eradicating Steam Greenlight and replacing it with Steam Direct to making vital changes to its trading card and gifting systems to…

Gemly Logo On Black

Techland Unveils Gemly, A New Digital Distribution Platform

Techland, the Poland-based gaming developer perhaps best known for the open world survival game Dying Light, has announced the launch of a digital distribution platform named Gemly as reported by PC…

DotEmu Black

DotEmu Is Closing Their Online Store

Video game publisher and developer DotEmu is closing their online store as reported by DualShockers. Founded in 2007, DotEmu is a Paris-based video games developer and publisher. They’ve developed and…

steam logo

Valve Further Obfuscates Steam’s New Releases List

Changes to Steam’s storefront have become much more common over the last few years, with the Discovery 2.0 update ushering in positive results for developers across the board. Today’s change…

Castle of Illusion 2

[Updated] Castle of Illusion Steam Keys Are Being Revoked

Update: DLgamer has given a response to a user on NeoGAF about the situation after speaking with Sega. Sega just answered us. It’s an issue on Genba side which are managing… logo

Valve Blocks’s Steam Release is a D.I.Y. game distribution service that was launched in 2013 where just about anyone can create and upload a game, sell it, or make it available for free.…

Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom Origins to be Pulled From Shelves

According to Capcom the Fighting game Marvel vs Capcom Origins will be getting pulled from the PlayStation Network and XBox Live Marketplace in the coming weeks. On December 23rd you…