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Crowdfunding Spotlight – Cultist Simulator: Behold Our End

Who hasn’t wanted to lead their own maniacal religion with worshipful followers trying to do devilish things? In Cultist Simulator: Behold Our End, players can have a chance to do…

Sumer Gameplay Steam

Studio Wumpus Launches Sumer On Early Access Today

Sumer, the board game/platformer hybrid developed by Studio Wumpus (and previewed by TechRaptor), is releasing on Steam Early Access on February 15th, 2017. Sumer is a game that combines elements of…

sumer game

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Sumer

In times long past, the gods were fickle beings that demanded tribute from their servants among man. Among the earliest known gods were those of the Sumerians, an ancient culture…