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Star Wars Destiny – Way of the Force – Unboxing and Deck Construction

Way of the Force is the latest expansion for Star Wars Destiny in the Legacy cycle. We’ve so far taken an introductory look at the current cycle’s starter packs and…

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Star Wars Destiny – A Legacies Introduction and Booster Opening

Star Wars Destiny is a collectible card game from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) that uniquely blends a dice and card game into a great, fast paced competitive game. Star Wars…

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Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell Review – Dice-mehameha!

I used to love watching Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. I used to love watching the melodrama play out as my favorite Z fighters grew in power after getting their…

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Thief’s Market Review: Keep Your Grubby Mitts Off My Loot

One of the best aspects of tabletop gaming, and what sets tabletop gaming aside from many other forms of entertainment, is the interaction that the various players have with each…

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Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Review – Snikt! Kapow! Zot!

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men is a two player ‘dice-building’ combat game from WizKids in which players will be using a team of superheroes and villains from Marvel Comic’s Uncanny…

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review – Co-op Excellence!

Build your deck! Roll dice! Fight monsters! Gain skills! Die permanently! Read the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game review!

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Gen Con 2014 Quick Bite: Dungeon Roll

The expo floor at GenCon was huge, with a ton of great games and things to check out, and we wanted to make sure we highlighted the ones that we…