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garshasp the monster slayer

Devolver Digital Makes Open Call to Demo Games Affected by Travel Ban

Hotline Miami and Dropsy developer Devolver Digital recently announced an offer to developers from countries affected by the United States travel ban to demo their games at the upcoming Game Developers Conference. Devolver announced…

Genital Jousting Banned Header

Genital Jousting, Fun, Not Available in Australia and New Zealand

The newest creation of Freelives and Devolver Digital is the party type game Genital Jousting, which has has been loosed onto Steam Early Access with a few quick notes. Firstly, it’s banned…

shoestring gaming dawn of the deals

Shoestring Gaming – Stock Up for the Apocolypse

Once again it’s time for Shoestring Gaming, a compilation of some of the best deals on awesome games so you can play more and still have enough for a Pumpkin…

2015 09 05 00002

Dropsy Preview – A Clown on the Town

There’s not a lot of games where you can play as creepy clowns who don’t kill people. Dropsy is a point-and-click adventure from developers Tendershoot, A Jolly Corpse and published…

Enter the Gungeon GIF Logo 1

PS Experience: Enter the Gungeon

Have you ever had a mistake that you would do anything to undo? An error that you want nothing more to erase from history whatever the cost, no matter the…

e3 Sony

E3 2014 – Devolver Exclusive Titles

Producer Devolver is now partnered with Sony to bring exclusive games. At the moment they are working on upwards of 10 games. They showed brief glimpses of each of these…