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Devils Third

Nintendo Closing Devil’s Third Servers in December

Devil’s Third has a rocky history. That’s putting it lightly. It suffered from delays, a mid-development engine swap, and an eventual Wii U exclusive release that saw horrible sales and…

Devils Third

Devil’s Third Review – Hardman Shoot Stuff

Devil‘s Third is 4 1/2 hours long and reminded me somewhat of The Order 1886. You could probably stop reading my review now as that should be enough to dissuade…

Devils Third

AAA and the 5 Hour Game: Does Game Length Matter?

The story in Valhalla Studios release Devil’s Third was only just warming up. There was very little I got to learn about our protagonist Ivan, other than that he is…

Devils Third

Devil’s Third Confirmed for Release this Fall

Devil’s Third is finally confirmed for a North American release. The stylish action-shooter game from developer Valhalla Game Studios will be published by Nintendo for the Wii U, and shall…