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Interplay Coffin

Interplay Selling Various IPs, Including Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance

Interplay, a long-troubled game publisher and one-time developer, has seemingly hit the end of the road and is now selling its entire library of “video game assets and intellectual property,”…

Descent Logo

Descent Series Taken Down From GOG

A few weeks ago, a GOG representative stated that “due to changing hands and in-flux legal agreements, we just had to remove Descent 1+2 & Descent 3 + Mercenary from…

Dragon Age Inquisition Descent

Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent Announced

The next major DLC release for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been announced. Titled The Descent, BioWare is bringing Dragon Age: Inquisition back into the Deep Roads, where players can take on hordes…

Fantasy Flight Header

Fantasy Flight In-Flight Presentation GenCon 2014!

Every year at GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games has their “In-Flight Presentation” to show off things how they are doing and to give us a sneak peek of all the goodies…