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Daedalic Entertainment to Announce Six New Titles

Legendary developers of the¬†Deponia series, Deadalic Entertainment, have announced their intention to reveal six brand new titles over the next few weeks. Although the studio is most famous for their…


Humble Daedalic Bundle Now Live – Deponia, Caravan And More

The latest Humble Bundle is live, and this time it’s all Daedalic. For the next 13 days, you can pick up some of German developer Daedalic Entertainment’s greatest hits as…

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Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Offers PlayStation 3 and 4 Games

Humble Bundle is usually a PC thing. With the exception of a pair of Nintendo bundles and the Capcom PlayStation Humble Bundle, consoles don’t usually get in on the action.…

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Humble Bundle 15 Features Gang Beasts, Deponia, and More

Despite Humble Bundle’s massive expansion into weekly themed bundles of books, comics, mobile games and various other things, there is still something special about its mainline series of bundles. You…

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Steam Summer Sale 2015 (along with GOG!) – June 19th, 2015

– Day 9 of the Steam Summer Sales 2015. Insert witty phrasing here. You don’t need an intro. It’s sales. You just want number. 42. 420. 360 No Scope. I’ve…


Deponia – Daedalics Gift to Point and Click

One of the greatest philosophical questions of the 21st century stems from people familiar with LucasArts games. “How the hell¬†was I supposed to figure that out?!” The point and click…