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umihara kawase review header 1

Rewind Review – Umihara Kawase

Sometimes the best games you end up playing are the ones that you try out on a whim. About a month and a half ago I made my first purchase…

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Koihime Enbu Review – Dynasty Waifus

Koihime Enbu answers the question that has, undoubtedly, plagued the minds of all of us for decades now. What would Romance of the Three Kingdoms be like if all the characters…


Code of Princess Review – Classically Addictive Side-scrolling Fun

It’s been far too long since a game like this has made it into the hands of Western gamers, especially for those of us who self-confine to a PC gaming.…

back in 1995 feature

Back in 1995 Aims to Bring Back Classic Survival Horror

Indie developer Takaaki Ichijo is making a classic Playstation era survival horror game rendered in the blocky pixelated Playstation one style. Back in 1995 will be releasing on Steam April 28th featuring zero anti-aliasing,…


Bloxitivity Review – Creativity with Blocks, Non-Minecraft

Bloxitivity is a puzzle game from 55 Revolver, who you may know from their creation of the popular RPG Maker software. Like their previous work, Bloxitivity relies heavily on the…

RPG Maker MV Review Heading

RPG Maker MV Review – Flying Blind in a Fighter Jet

When a chance to review RPG Maker MV came through my inbox, I was a little hesitant, but excited. I am the kind of person who likes to build things from the…