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[Updated]Newest Humble Bundle Includes Some of the Highest Rated Games on Steam

Even with the joke reviews that you see on Steam all the time, a game that’s able to come in at a 95% positive rating on Steam for its review…

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Duncan Drummond Discusses DEADBOLT

Recently, I played through DEADBOLT, a stealth action title that captured my interest with a slick aesthetic, open-ended gameplay, and a brilliant concept. I was so engrossed that once the credits…

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Deadbolt Review – I Am Become Death

They don’t call it the criminal underworld for nothing. In Deadbolt, the dead walk the earth and all manner of ghouls and ghosts haunt our mortal realm, hiding in the most…


Deadbolt is Hotline Miami Meets Mark of the Ninja

Hopoo Games (developer of the popular indie roguelite Risk of Rain) have announced Deadbolt. The debut trailer reveals that the game is set for release later this year. Following Risk of Rain‘s…