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PS+ Game Dead Star Going Offline November 1st

Armature Studios has announced via an in-game message on Tuesday that Dead Star, their 10 v 10 space multiplayer game, would be going offline at the beginning of November. The game…

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Dead Star Adding More Ships, Pilot Pictures, Ratchet and Clank

Dead Star released a little less than a month ago, but its already getting its first major content update. Already available on both the PlayStation 4 and Steam, the Kurg…

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Dead Star Review – Living Battlefield

It’s a common thing for a developer to try to combine several different elements into a single game. Dead Star is a mix of twin stick shooters and king of the hill, with…

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PlayStation Plus Games for April 2016

It’s the time on the month where Sony announces the games being added to the PlayStation Plus Collection. As usual there’s six games being added, and as usual it’s a two…

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First April PlayStation Plus Game Accidentally Announced

Every month Sony puts six games up on the Instant Game Collection, allowing PlayStation Plus users to download them free of charge so long as they keep paying for the…