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dead cells console release

Dead Cells Battling Its Way Onto Consoles In 2018

French indie developer Motion Twin has finally confirmed some specifics regarding the console ports of its hit Steam Early Access 2D roguelike Dead Cells, including which consoles it will be…

dead cells foundry update

Dead Cells Increasing in Price After Steam Winter Sale

Dead Cells, the early access rogue-lite Metroidvania, is set for a price change after the Steam winter sale winds down. Developer Motion Twin released a new post detailing the price change.…

Dead Cells Preview Header 1

Dead Cells Preview – When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough

Depending on how lenient you are with its definition, permadeath could be a mechanic that dates all the way back to some of the earliest video games. Especially when you…

pax west top 10 techraptor

Top 10 Games at PAX West 2017

PAX West 2017 had a lot of games to see. We made a lot of appointments and squeaked in a few more just wandering around to see what caught our…

Dead Cells Reaper 1

Dead Cells Comes To Steam Early Access May 10

Dead Cells, a Metroidvania with roguelite elements and a dash of Dark Souls, is coming to Steam Early Access on May 10 according to a press release. Billed as a…