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Federal Judge Suppresses Stingray Evidence Obtained Without Warrant

District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan has suppressed evidence collected by the use of stingrays because the agency did not first obtain a warrant. This is the first time a federal…


ACLU Launches #TakeCTRL Initiative

Disclosure: Author has donated to the ACLU in the past. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched what they call #TakeCTRL, an initiative to work with lawmakers in various…

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Lawsuit Sheds Light on Bulk Collection of Phone Records by the DEA

The NSA may have gotten the most attention for its mass collection of phone records, but they are not the only government agency doing so. The Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) has…

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DOJ Lawyers Concerned that DEA Wiretapping Operation May Not Be Legal

Lawyers within the Department of Justice are growing concerned that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s largest wiretapping operation may be on shaky legal ground. The operation has led to hundreds of…