DDOS Articles

Valve - Steam logo

Valve Expand Steam Multiplayer Server and Relay Networks to Non-Valve Games

Valve has made a move to keep 3rd party games as safe and usable as their own titles by making their Steam multiplayer servers and relay networks available to developers.…

For Honor Beta Closed 1

For Honor Plagued With Drophacking And DDOS Issues

Recently, it has emerged that players utilizing For Honor’s multiplayer modes have been suffering occurrences of drophacking and DDOS’ing. What exactly are both of these things? Essentially, drophacking is when…

Internet of Things

Chinese Firm Recalls Devices Used in Last Week’s DDoS Attack

Last week, a DDoS attack targeting the DNS provider Dyn managed to disrupt access to many popular sites like Twitter, Amazon, and PayPal. It was discovered that many Internet of…

Internet of Things

Botnet DDoS’d DNS Provider, Disrupted Many Top Websites

Yesterday, people in certain geographical regions found themselves unable to access popular sites like Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, PayPal and many more. These outages were the result of a DDoS…

blizzard world of wacraft ddos

Blizzard Servers under DDOS Attack

If you’ve been an ongoing fan of World of Warcraft for the past decade (you’re getting a slow clap and a nod from me right now), you’ve most likely dealt…

pokemon GO

OurMine Claims Responsibility for Pokemon GO Downtime

Pokemon GO┬áservers have had issues since the game was publicly released. While most of that is due to the game’s massive popularity, some stem from more malicious intent. The hacker…

Bittorrent Logo Purple

BitTorrent Users Can Be Exploited for DDoS Attacks Without Their Knowledge

A new paper published by researchers from City University London reveals how unsuspecting users of file sharing clients like BitTorrent are vulnerable to being exploited in DRDoS attacks. Most people…


Anonymous Targets RCMP After Fatal Shooting

A fatal shooting last week, in Dawson Creek B.C., has drawn the ire of the online hacktivist group Anonymous. Police were called to the scene when a disturbance was reported,…

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Hit With DDoS Issues

Another MMORPG has been hit with DDoS attacks, with Final Fantasy 14 players experiencing both login and server issues.