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PlayStation E3 2017 – Days Gone

The video for Days Gone opened in a short cutscene before transitioning to Deacon St. John riding a dirtbike through a muddy trail in the rain. They stopped for a moment…

E3 Preview Image PlayStation

Sony Has A Few Options to Help Them Win E3 2017

Since the dawn of time there has always been one winner of each E3, and this year will be no different. Sony has as good a chance as ever to…

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Sony E3 2016 – Days Gone Announcement Trailer

Days Gone opens with a forest encampment, and a man detailing how the world ended, how technology shut down, and how people began to lose their trust in others. Imagery…

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Sony E3 2016 Conference Recap

The Sony E3 2016 conference began with theatric glory, as a full orchestra introduced the company’s show, leading to a short and tearful statement on Orlando before gaming took center stage.…