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Backwards Compatible Month Preview

Back Compat March 2016 – Bringing games into the current gen!

Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One has changed the way that they release meaning that instead of bulk games being announced they are now being announced one by one as they become…

Street Fighter V Getting the Hit

Stop Apologizing Capcom … And Fix it. And Yourself.

To begin, I’m more harsh on Triple A developers more then the indies I cover, because it’s all about expectation. New people getting into the game development scene may not…

Dark Void Game

[Update]Selling Games That Don’t Work: Capcom’s Dark Void Unplayable

Update #2: After being in contact with a Capcom PR representative, and making them aware of the situation, I’ve been informed today that an issue regarding securROM’s end has been…

Murdered SoulSuspect

Airtight Games Close, Just After Release of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Reports claim the studio Airtight Games has shutdown less than a month after the debut of Murdered: Soul Suspect. The studio based in Redmond was founded by Jim Deal, Ed…