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Screenshot Survey: Blood Soaked Boomerang

Football is upon us! Super Mario is 30 years old! Everyone has something to celebrate today, including me, as I get another week’s worth of Screenshot Saturday posts to scroll…

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Indie Interview with Warren Smith of Dark Flame

As part of our series of interviews with indie developers, I have been talking to Warren Smith, the developer behind Metroidvania style platformer Dark Flame about his latest project and working…

To the Green Dark Flame

To The Green: Dark Flame

Greenlight mockery has become a bit of its own field on some places lately—the low barrier for entry does definitely invite some of that by allowing anyone to submit a…

horizon chase

Screenshot Survey: Sword And A Haircut

We did it! We survived E3 2015. We witnessed the reemergence of legends, the fulfillment of promises, and some of us even survived the PC Gaming Show. Now, Screenshot Survey…