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PlayStation Now Update Adds New PS2 Games, Summer Discounts

Sony’s PlayStation Now service has received new content in the form of an update. A blog post over on the official PlayStation site details some of the things that have…

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Classic PS2 Title Dark Cloud 2 Coming To PS4 January 19th

If you’re a fan of Level-5’s games, such as Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy, chances are you played the 2002 spiritual successor – Dark Cloud 2, or Dark Chronicle¬†in Japan…

Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud and Playstation 2 Emulation Details Leaked for PS4

In late November, Sony confirmed that Playstation 4 would indeed be receiving the ability to emulate Playstation 2 games in the future. Little was said past that fact, so we…

Dark Cloud 2

Dark Cloud 2, other Playstation 2 Classics coming to PS4

This could be the discovery or announcement many of you have been waiting for,¬†as seeing classic games come to newer consoles is always a pleasure. With games like Kingdom Hearts,…