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THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media, Saints Row and Metro In Valentines Day Merger

The folks at THQ Nordic do seem to have a good sense of timing. Just before the stroke of midnight on the day of lovers, the rapidly expanding publisher has…

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Homefront: The Revolution Dev Responds to Criticism

It is never a good sign when a game in development gets moved to different development studios before release. The disappointing Duke Nukem Forever is a good example of a game that…

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Homefront: The Revolution Review – Missed Potential 2: Electric Boogaloo

Homefront was an interesting anomaly. A hotly anticipated AAA shooter developed by Kaos Studios, a small studio acquired by THQ after they gained notoriety for creating the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield…

homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution Trailer Shows Fun Times With Weapons

The latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution will make you want to stand up, paw up, and shout Wolverines!  If you’re wondering why I chose the Red Dawn reference it’s…

homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution Has Microtransactions and Free DLC

Dambuster Studios have revealed in a recent interview with Gamespot that the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution will have microtransactions for its co-op Resistance experience. In this mode, up to four players…

homefront the revolution

Homefront: The Revolution Delayed to 2016

The recent trend of high profile games continues as Homefront: The Revolution delays its release to some time in 2016. Homefront: The Revolution is the followup to Homefront which released in 2011. Klemens…