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D23 Expo – Playmation Avengers

At D23, a new pseudo-virtual reality toy that “puts you at the center of your favorite story.” A video showing different children using the Playmation in their rooms was shown.…


D23 Expo Games Recap

Disney Interactive took over D23 Expo a little past 2pm EST and they began with a talk about Disney Interactive in general. There was a lot of talk to start about…

Star Wars Battlefront Featured Image

D23 Expo – Star Wars Battlefront, Special Edition Star Wars PS4

Star Wars Battlefront took the stage at D23 2015 where Justin Mccully talked about making Star Wars Battlefront look and feel as close as it can to the film series. Some…

Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo

D23 Expo – Kingdom Hearts III: Big Hero 6

At the D23 Expo, Shinji Hashimoto, the Kingdom Hearts series director, took to the stage to talk Kingdom Hearts III. He spoke some on gameplay and introduced a new world in…