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China Passes Cybersecurity Law Despite Foreign Criticism

China has adopted a new cybersecurity law which has been criticized by foreign commenters as worsening the censorship already employed by China. Some companies have also expressed concerned that they…

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Election Databases Hacked, Russian Origin Suspected

On Monday, the FBI issued a bulletin to election officials around the country, urging them to take stronger security precautions after two state boards of election were targeted by hackers.…

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Beware Fake Pokemon GO App

An imposter Pokemon GO app has made it’s way onto the Google Play Store in an attempt to swindle hopeful Pokemon trainers into compromising their security. Those that were waiting…

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House Considers Legislation to Create Encryption Commission

Now that the Senate is considering legislation to undermine encryption, it was only a matter of time before the House put together a proposal of its own. Republican Representative Michael…

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CISA Passes Senate Vote With Privacy Flaws Unamended

For months, privacy advocates have been fighting against the newest bill that threatens to endanger our privacy on the internet. This newest bill, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015…