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styx master of shadows rewind review

Styx: Master Of Shadows Rewind Review – Gross Stealth At Its Finest

I have a certain penchant for stealth games. I’ve done everything there is to do in Dishonored and devoured indie gems like Arigami and Stealth Inc. Like many people, I discovered…

Call of Cthulhu Header 1

E3 2017 – Call of Cthulhu Gets an E3 Trailer

Developer Cyanide Studios releases a new trailer for their upcoming Call of Cthulhu RPG. The game, set in Darkwater Island, stars private detective Edward Pierce as he investigates the mysterious…


With Strange Eons, Cthulhu Returns To Gaming

H.P. Lovecraft’s squamous figurehead of his Mythos, Cthulhu has inspired, influenced, and cameoed in a vast swath of games and media over the last few decades. The same can be…