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Resident Evil 5

[Updated]Recently Activated Versions of Resident Evil 5 are Unplayable on Steam

Update 2/19/2017: Capcom has indicated that the problem has been fixed, and those who were affected by the issue should not run into the problem for the time being. Wbacon,…

GOG logo

GOG Enables Two Step Login On All Accounts From October 24th

If you’re a customer of GOG (formerly Good Old Games), you might have noticed an e-mail in your inbox. That e-mail was informing you that, from October 24th, Two-step Login will…

Street Fighter V Getting the Hit

Stop Apologizing Capcom … And Fix it. And Yourself.

To begin, I’m more harsh on Triple A developers more then the indies I cover, because it’s all about expectation. New people getting into the game development scene may not…