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[Rumor] Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Headed To PlayStation 4 In Japan

It appears that the rumors of Burnout Paradise getting a remastered version are getting stronger. Gematsu is reporting that Burnout Paradise HD Remaster will be heading to Japanese PlayStation 4s in March of…

Burnout Paradise Classic Car

[Rumor] Burnout Paradise For XB1 & PS4 Spotted At Brazilian Retailer

An Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Burnout Paradise has been spotted at a Brazilian retailer as reported by TheNerdMag. Burnout Paradise is one of five racing games made under the Burnout…

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Rewind Review – Black

At one point two generations ago, Criterion Games was poised to be one of THE big names in games development. After churning through a handful of solid but underappreciated titles…

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Star Wars: Battlefront to Add New Offline Mode

Star Wars Celebration is just wrapping up in London, but during the event, we learned more about some of the more long-term plans for Star Wars Battlefront. However, before the event…

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IMO – When is it too early a time to show a game?

With E3 drawing to a close it’s now time to look back over the list of announced games and start adding them to the Birthday and Christmas lists. The question…

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IMO: E3 2014 EA – Showing A lot, Revealing A Little

At E3 2014 EA showed off very few games that we didn’t know about already, which is a shame as noted in the preview to the conference (full recap here), which…