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Crimefest Articles

Crimefest 2015 Almir Reddit AMA and Final Overview featured image v2

Crimefest 2015 – AMA Report and Overview

Pretty sure my past 6 articles related to Crimefest have made it obvious that we here at TechRaptor are full-on following the madness of this year’s annual event surrounding Payday…

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 6 featured image

Crimefest Day 6 arrives with a new Heist and lootable drills

Recent events should have been fresh enough for most of you to remember how this years Crimefest has been… rather controversial. The fan outrage has reached such a velocity, that…

Payday 2 Aftershock Heist featured image

Aftershock – A Look into the Third Crimefest 2015 Reward

Normally I wouldn’t bother writing an article solely for one “map” in a videogame. When put in perspective like that, it does indeed seem insignificant. But in light of recent events,…

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 4 rewards featured image

Crimefest Day 4 Comes with Overkill Producer Response

As made obvious by the past two articles covering the subject the past two days – one news piece and one opinion piece – there’s quite some news to be…

Payday 2 Crimefest Microtransactions reward featured image

Overkill announces Microtransactions as CrimeFest reward

If there is one thing Overkill knows how to do, it’s working to ensure that their game Payday 2 stays in the back of everyone’s mind. Besides a steady supply…