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Intel CPU Processor Design Flaw May Cause Up to 30% Performance Drop

Code red, or in this case, code blue. Earlier this week it was revealed that Intel processor chips dating back to the late 90’s have a “fundamental” design flaw, which…

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AMD Details Ryzen Mobile For Ultrathin Laptops

AMD has announced a mobile version of its Ryzen architecture. Formally known on roadmaps under the codename “Raven Ridge”, these new chips contain CPU cores based on AMD’s Zen architecture…

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AMD’s Ryzen 7 CPU’s Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Today, after much anticipation AMD has announced that March 2nd will be the global launch date of their Ryzen 7 CPU’s and that the pre-orders for the CPU’s are now available. “Four years…

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AMD Slapped with Class-Action Lawsuit over Bulldozer CPUs

Semiconductor company AMD has been sued over allegedly misleading the public about the number of real cores that the Bulldozer architecture of CPUs had. The lawsuit claims AMD violated a…


AMD Announces Groundbreaking New Technology

AMD has recently announced a technology called High Bandwidth Memory(HBM), and makes bold claims about how this new technology will address the major problems with existing computer memory. AMD lays…

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Rumor: Xbox One CPU moving to 20nm?

So apparently, AMD has designed a 20nm chip for the Xbox One. Discovered by Mosen from Beyond3D’s forums, the post quotes the LinkedIn page for the Senior Design Manager of…