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coverage club roundabout hero of the kingdom 3 header

Coverage Club: Round and Round The Kingdom

Welcome to Coverage Club, the weekly series where we shift our critical eye towards smaller games that deserve some attention. Each week, our editors select two titles and provide honest…

coverage club reality falls crypto crysis header

Coverage Club: Falling Into A Crypto Crisis

Crypto Crisis Covered by Max Moeller Despite what it may seem thanks to its subject matter, Crypto Crisis is hardly different from your traditional simulator. As far as gameplay goes,…

final fantasy 7 coverage club header

Coverage Club: Final Fantasy VII on Switch is Best Played On The Go

It’s a great port of a classic title.

numgeon coverage club header

Coverage Club: CRPG Number Crunching in Numgeon

Beguiled by complex dungeon-crawler CRPGs, I am delighted by any game that gives me a small and simple digestible based on the experience. Numgeon is such a game. In it,…

book of demons coverage club header

Coverage Club: Book of Demons is a Pop-Up Book Diablo

Imagine you’re a kid again and it’s story time. Your parent or guardian is opening up the hard, glossy cover to another pop-up storybook. Now pretend that the cover of…

spy who shrunk me coverage club header

Coverage Club: The Spy Who Shrunk Me Slips Up

First-person stealth is a personal joy of mine. Immersed in such perspective while lurking about is the basis for many an example of compelling narrative and level design. Thus, the…

coverage club warparty raptors

Coverage Club: Warparty Needs More Time to Evolve

Warparty is a real-time strategy game with a dinosaur theme. What’s not to love? It certainly looked like it had an interesting premise, but the developers Warcave and Crazy Monkey Studios…

the eternal castle coverage club header

Coverage Club: The Eternal Castle is Saved By the Vibes

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] got me. I swore it was a remake of a 1987 DOS game. Based on the developer’s personal story, it is. It’s even in the title:…

coverage club pathfinder kingmaker dark hill museum of death header

Coverage Club: Short Drop, Sudden Stop

I get it. You’re probably busy this week. Slaying mutants in Metro, hunting down orbs in Crackdown, or living out your anime fantasies in Jump Force. You could even be playing Far Cry: New…

coverage club redall escape the gloomer

Coverage Club: Escape the Gloomer Proves That Redwall’s Lost Legends Need to Keep Being Found

A little while back, for our Month of Coverage Club feature, I covered The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout. This fun stealth/adventure hybrid caught my attention, and I ultimately thought…

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